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HYBRID Brings the Power of Rock to Central Europe

February can be pretty cold in the East, but the HYBRIDs will weather every snowstorm to bring their show to beautiful cities with difficult-to-pronounce names such as "PLock" (that's Puotsk, approximately). There, in the heart of Poland, our tour kicks off on February 23, followed up by the infamous OdNowa Club in the gorgeous historical city of Torun on the 24th. No rest for the wicked: The final leg of this brief but exquisite tour takes us several hundred miles south to Moravia in the Czech Republic. We rock the boomerang club in Ostrava on Feb. 25 and Tom's favorite town east of Frankfurt, Olomouc, on the 26th – at Tom's favorite bar east of Frankfurt, the Ponorka.

The set features great new melodies such as the anthemic "Power of Rock" or the anti-Bush (a boring but accurate message) powersong "American Adam," as well as all-time faves such as "Believe" and "You are What You Eat." So, here's your opportunity to visit some new members of the European Community, drink alcohol at very modest prices, and dig your favorite band.
Come and see us.

Mondfisch - Dresden (Germany)

POKiS (Plocki Osrodek Kultury i Sztuki) - Plock (Poland)

Klub "Od Nowa" - Torun (Poland)

Boomerang music klub - Ostrava (Czech Republik) | Video: American Adam

Ponorka - Olomouc (Czech Republik)